Our faculty is called "Istanbul University Physical Education and Sports College"; It was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 12/02/1997 on the date of 12.09.1996 dated and 4240 numbered letter of the Ministry of National Education.

Later; Upon the proposal of the Ministry of National Education dated 25/05/2016 and numbered 2015/7723, "Istanbul University School of Physical Education and Sports" was closed and "Istanbul University Faculty of Sport Sciences" was established and the related decision was 05/06/2015 date and published in the Official Gazette No. 29377 and entered into force.

Finally; With the Law no. 7141 on the Official Gazette No. 30425 dated 18/05/2018, the Law on the Amendment of the Laws on the Law on Higher Education and Certain Laws and Decree Laws, our faculty has joined the Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Rectorate.

Our faculty; Competent sports managers and coaches in various branches of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, central and provincial organizations, sports clubs and federations, as well as private sector enterprises; It was established to train physical education and sports teachers in order to provide education in primary and secondary schools under the Ministry of National Education. In the light of science, students who are educated by modern methods are also given research and inquiry skills. Students are expected to have the vision to follow the social developments in the world and in the world and to have the vision of predicting the needs of future generations with their acquisitions. In this way, they will assimilate the principle of ine life-long sport ard in our country and contribute to the growth of physically and psychologically healthy generations. The fact that our university is in Istanbul, one of the most important cities of the world adds value to our faculty and the ability to cooperate with different institutions and organizations as project based is seen as an opportunity.

Within our faculty; There are three departments; Coaching Training, Physical Education and Sports Teaching and Sports Management at the undergraduate level. Graduate Education Institute; There are two programs at the Master and Doctorate levels: Movement and Training Sciences and Sports Management Sciences.

The duration of education in our faculty is 4 (four) years; Our students who are new registrations are also given 1 (one) year foreign language preparatory education. Foreign Language (English) preparatory education is carried out by the School of Foreign Languages ​​of our university.

Our faculty gave its first graduates in 2002-2003 academic year.

The faculty building is located within the boundaries of the Avcılar Campus of the University.

Students are admitted to our faculty with a special talent exam.


To educate individuals who aim to provide a contemporary sports education with universal quality, researcher, participant, participant, original and aesthetic values, to place performance sports and sports culture, and to promote and disseminate them.


Sports education and training is to become an institution that is in the field of sports sciences with high quality of research, developed in a team spirit, sharing and participatory approach and thus leading to the development of healthy and quality of life individuals and society and performance sports.


    • To be attached to the principles and reforms of Atatürk, to believe in the universality of science,
    • Being innovative, researching,
    • To be true, honest and transparent,
    • To ensure compliance and solidarity within the institution,
    • Love and respect without distinction between religion, language, race, gender, nationality, color,
    • To provide excellence,
    • Being in esthetic sensitivity,
    • Being conscious of society high,
    • To protect ethical values.

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